Approved by the Gibraltar Maritime Authority, Marine Safety (Gibraltar) Ltd is authorised to service the following manufacturer’s products:

Who we service

  • Life rafts (commercial)

    • RFD Beaufort
    • DSB
    • Youlong
    • Zodiac
  • Life rafts (leisure)

    • RFD Beaufort
    • Ocean Safety
    • Plastimo
    • Seasafe
    • Zodiac
    • XM
  • Life jackets (SOLAS)

    • Crewsaver
    • Ocean Safety
    • Mullion
  • Other

    • The full range of JONBUOY Inflatable Safety Equipment.
    • All leisure life jackets subject to equipment fittings.


Although it is only a small station, with the capacity to service up to 2 x 25 man and 1 x 6 man simultaneously, MSG is usually able to undertake the servicing of a normal ship complement well within the standard 12 hour bunkers anchoring period. Unfortunately, owing to the current lack of gas bottle re-charging facilities in Gibraltar, this is not the case if a gas inflation test is required. Transport to and from ship should normally be organised through a ship’s agent but MSG can liaise if required.

Standard Prices

Our prices are highly competitive. We don't compromise on quality but at the same time offer excellent value for money on all our services and products.

Life rafts

4-6 £190
8 £220
10 £255
12 £270
16 £285
20 £300
25 £325

Davit Launched Life Rafts incur an additional £20 charge.

Official Manufacturer's Certificate - £75

There is a charge of £50 for each of the following additional tests, if required:

  • Overload Test (every 2 years - Davit Launched Rafts only) (currently not available)
  • Gas Inflation Test (every 5 years) (will also incur a charge for gas bottle refill and required hydrostatic test, price depending on size)
  • Floor Seam Test (10th year and every year after)
  • Necessary Additional Pressure Test (11th year and every year after)

Life Jackets

Single Tube
Twin Tube

MSG certificate £5


Inflatable Rescue Module
All others

MSG certificate £5

In all cases, consumable items are charged separately, as required, at very reasonable rates.